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PaWaterfalls.com has been a passion of mine for around 10 years. I started photographing waterfalls in Northeastern Pa around 2004 and in 2005, I created pawaterfalls.com to show people that there is far more to the Keystone State than just old coal towns. I got real tired of hearing people tell me that there was nothing to do in this state.

When I first moved to Pennsylvania with my family in the early 1980's, I hated it. I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Jersey City when I was 6. I knew the city life and after being transplanted to Pa, I resented this state for many years.

As a teen, my cousin and I would go hiking from Carbondale to a place called the "Mud Pond", another name for Merli Sarnoski park. Along the way, we would stop and swim at Fallbrook Falls, just off of Pa 106. This was my first taste of Pennsylvania waterfalls and to date, is still one of my favorite falls in NEPa. After moving to the nearby town of Simpson, we would go swim at a place called Panther's Bluff on Panther's Creek and nearby Number 10 swimming hole. Both of these places have falls, Panthers Creek has about 4 falls of varying heights and Number 10 is a swimming hole on the Lackawanna River that has a giant rock with 1 small fall on each side as it parts the river. When you think about it, I guess this website has been almost 30 years in the making.

This is the second generation of this website and as such, it has a new purpose, to bring more people in and share more of their images from waterfalls across the Keystone State through our Facebook group, called simply Pennsylvania Waterfalls. We currently have over 7500 members and a lot of amazing photographers that are actively involved in the group.

Realistically, I know I will never see all of the waterfalls in Pa, but it's a great goal to have and I'm already 300 falls in, so I can't go back now. I hope that you enjoy the site as much as I've enjoyed making it and showing you my slice of the Keystone State.

While I have a list of several hundred creeks across the state that have waterfalls, I don't know them all. If you feel that you have a waterfall location that I may not know of, feel free to contact me here: Email Me